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How Your Body Processes Trauma

September 15, 20223 min read

How does trauma manifest in you?

Answering this question is vital to your healing journey. Because without understanding how your body processes trauma, you might not know what’s needed to heal it.

Worse yet, it becomes hard to see whether what you’re feeling is a result of trauma. You might think that there’s something else in your life that’s causing those reactions. So you could leave your trauma unaddressed, and this can make the problem even worse.

How so?

Whatever symptoms you’re feeling, they’re your body’s way of getting you to pay attention. Your body needs you to shed light on the trauma that it’s facing so that you can start healing it. 

No matter what you’re feeling, it’s just your body letting you know that it’s ready to start dealing with trauma.

But how exactly does this happen?

Here are some of the main manifestations of trauma:

  • Insomnia

  • Dizziness

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Locked jaw syndrome

  • Tension headaches

  • Migraine headaches

  • Burning sensations

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Chronic hives

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

The list goes on and on, but these are some of the most common symptoms of trauma that you might feel. 

I remember having insane migraines for a full year while I was healing my own trauma. But I knew that they were there to encourage me to keep healing.

Of course, there are also many emotional responses to trauma, such as:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Eating disorders

  • Substance abuse

  • Addiction

While these reactions seem quite scary, they’re actually your body’s way of telling you that it’s ready to go through trauma. All that your body needs is for you to listen to it and take the right action.

So don’t ignore or discredit whatever it is that you’re feeling. Let your body tell you what it needs and you’ll know what it takes to work through your trauma.

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