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Self healing that won't feel good to you

October 16, 20222 min read

The trap is all things related to healing will be simple, clear, linear, and easy to do.

So that means it'll all feel awesome, right…


Not exactly.

The biggest thing that won't feel good is the feelings that show up.

Allow me to illustrate using a personal story.

My biological mother abandoned me. She left my sister and me on the side of a highway and drove away.

For a long time, I had zero emotion associated with her, kind of like she just simply didn't exist.

Fast forward 30 or so years, and I am doing deep dives into myself, healing, and recovering from years of childhood trauma when the subject of "mothers" came up.

I'm fine here and think I'll breeze through.

I love growth, deep dives, and stirring shit up.

Then bam…. smack… I am hit with an overwhelming feeling of anger and betrayal. 


Where the hell did that come from?

So as you can see, shit comes up.

Feelings get stirred.

They aren't super comfortable.

It won't feel good

This is why people will say yeah, but it's worth it….

So the solution is to learn how to be uncomfortable with your own feelings.

The process is sitting with these emotions for as long as it takes for the emotions to release.

We are so accustomed to buffering.

You know, run, hide, fight, numb out, pretend….

Yeah, don't do that...

When you learn how to sit with your emotions for as long as it takes, you have mastery and control over your human experience. 

And when you do that, you can take a stand for what's important to you, use your voice, offer compassion, and enjoy meaningful, sustainable connections to yourself and who you choose to allow in.

Annnddddd, that is why it's worth it 😉



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